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About Kristi

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As an instructor, Kristi is passionate about instilling confidence, strength and determined riding. Her coaching and training principles focus on the bond between horse and rider, perfecting the fundamental basics developed by German riding principles and correct communicative aids.



Kristi started riding before she could walk and was quickly bitten by the horse bug. As she developed as a rider, Kristi joined the Portola Valley Pony Club on her mount "Out N' About" a.k.a Skipper, who was anything but a safe kid horse. When she began training with her world renowned coaches Bea and Derek di Grazia they quickly influenced Kristi to get a horse more reliable over fences. It was then that Kristi fell in love with and bought the horse of a lifetime, best friend and partner "MacJordan" a.k.a Geordie. As the new pair grew together, they progressed through the Pony Club ratings, and joined the Area VI young rider team. While in training with Bea and Derek, Kristi also took regular clinics with, Darren Chiaccia, Gina Miles, Gregg Best and Lisa McKluskey. 



Kristi has successfully competed in the 3* FEI level of the Three Day Eventing discipline all over the United Staes.

Kristi also extensive experience in the USHJA "A" jumper circuit at 3"9 and 3"11, as well as in USDF dressage shows.


Since moving to North Carolina in February, 2016 Kristi has been building and growing her brand as competitor, trainer and coach in Area II, Area III and Area VIII. She has a good string of young horses that will be showing at USEA, and USDF shows.

Kristi has also coached pony club championships for three different clubs, with many winning and top 5 placings. 

Recent Accolades include 2022 NCDCTA Horse of the Year and Reserve horse of the year at the Intermediate Level. 2023 SCDCTA Horse of the Year at the Intermediate Level, and SCDCTA Horse of the Year at the Modfied Level. All with horses she produced up the levels herself.


Kristi has also produced riders to top 10 finishes in their first FEI international competitions.  



While studying at the University of California, Davis,  Kristi worked for two established Warmblood and Sport Horse breeders, Edgar and Susan Schutte, of Rainbow Equus Meadows, and Nancy Adams of Grace Sport Horses,  breaking and starting their quality bred horses. 

Kristi learned the details of the horse business in her opportunity to work for long time coaches Bea and Derek di Grazia in Carmel Valley, California, as a working student, she learned how to bring horses along to the upper levels, mastered horse and barn management, and groomed at the highest level.

Learning from them and from the experiences she had at the breeding farms Kristi is a well rounded instructor and trainer, she continues to grow in her own riding and knowledge to get to the highest level of the sport and hopes to one day compete at Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event and represent the United States at the Olympics.


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